Calling all tradespeople who want to run their own profitable contracting business without having it suck the life out of them.

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Tell me if this sounds like you...

...There's no end to your day, and there's no start either.

...You're totally absent from your life. Missing birthdays, family activities, and social events has become the norm.

...You're always chasing money, which means you're saying 'Yes' to jobs you don't want.

...Bad clients, bad jobs & bad reviews are just part of the package of running your own business.

...You're totally clueless about your financials and you have no idea what you’ll owe at the end of the year.

Until you have control over your business, you'll take any job,
at any price, and you'll work for anyone.

Once you have total control, you can...

> Hire employees and book clients who are in alignment with your values

> Raise your rates, knowing with confidence how to price jobs profitably for you and affordable for your clients.

> Say 'No' to difficult clients and sub-par jobs because there are other great clients and more profitable jobs waiting for you.

> Tell your kids you’ll make it to their 6pm dance recital tomorrow night because you've planned your day so meticulously that you know you can commit to leaving the office by 5.

> Agree to a round of golf next Friday afternoon because your week is already planned out and you can afford to spend a few hours with your friends. You know it’ll be good for you and you won’t feel guilty.

Start saying "No" with confidence.

Once you have confidence in your numbers and in your process...

Once you know - with absolute certainty - what you need to be charging for each job in order to break even and what you want to be charging to be profitable...

When someone asks you “Is that the best you can do?

You'll be able to look them right in the eye and say, “Yes, it absolutely is ”.

I know what it’s like to have a dream of running your own business with money and freedom, and then watch that dream turn into a nightmare of endless hours for little to no return.

What does it look like to go from CRAZINESS to CONTROL?

6-part video series with downloadable worksheets

Video 1


Become clear and accepting of your "why to change?"

Video 2


Take your anger & frustration and use it for effective goal setting.

Video 3


Get a handle on your numbers & start pricing with confidence.

Video 4


Learn how to make success repeatable & keep it simple.

Video 5


Get on the same page with your staff & clients.

Video 6


Commit to consistency & constant improvement in your process.

I got tired of seeing people go through the cycle of failed business.
From startup - with the initial big expenses, leaping into the first year with excitement. To confusion - moving into the second year with feelings of overwhelm and uncertainty, always feeling the need to "catch up". To desperation - just barely making it to the third year, only to watch their business deteriorate and have to shut it down.

In this 6-part video series, you will:

> Learn how to set manageable goals

> Understand your financials

> Estimate the price of projects with confidence

> Create alignment between your values and your employees'

> Create a structured calendar, and be able to stick to it!

> Start to question your processes, and then learn how to create better ones


Join CRAZINESS TO CONTROL and win back your dream job.



$89 CAD


  • 6 video modules
  • 12 actionable worksheets


Can I start implementing the information in the video modules today? YES

Can any type of contractor benefit from the information in this program? YES

I already have no time to spare. How long will it take me to go through the videos and complete the worksheets? Go at your own pace, but these videos are designed to GIVE you more time, not TAKE it away