From Plumber.
To Businessman.
To Coach.

Hi, I'm Rick. I Help Contractors Take Their Business From Sheer Craziness To Total Control.

I did not want to become a tradesman. But my father owned a plumbing company, and I was in my early twenties without any idea what I was doing, so I kind of just fell into it.


As a plumber, I learned that it’s easy to get clients. It’s easy to get jobs. It’s easy to “do the work”.


But when I branched out to run my own business, I had no idea what I was doing.


I left my dad's business with my eyes completely closed.


I left thinking, “How hard could it be to run a business?


I was completely blind-sighted by what it actually took to run a successful, profitable business. One where all my time wasn't sucked up by pricing projects, hiring employees, satisfying clients and filling in paperwork.


I remember getting a call from my accountant. I was in shopping in Walmart.

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He was calling to tell me how much I owed in taxes. And I panicked. I remember literally taking things out of my basket and putting them back on the shelf, and almost starting to cry.

I thought, “Are you kidding me? Nobody told me about this.”

I felt defeated and embarrassed. And then reality sunk in. “I have to pay HOW MUCH back? I realized in that moment that what that really meant was, if I do better this year, I’m going to owe even more… How am I going to live?”

I was horrified.

So I did what contractors do best. I put my head down and worked harder. I put in more hours. I started charging more. I did everything I could to make more money.

My accountant had never advised me to put some money away for taxes.

No one had really given me any advice at all.

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Maxwell Certified DISC trainer
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But even with my various coaching & leadership certifications, my proudest achievement is still being a licensed plumber.


I worked for my dad as a plumber for almost 15 years.

I then branched out and ran my own plumbing and renovations business for 5 years.

These were the years filled with growing pains.

For the next 5 years, I partnered with my brother as owners of my father’s business.

That fell apart. So I left, started back up my own business, then went back to the family business as an employee, and for the first time, I became interested in business coaching for contractors.

It was during the next few years that I decided this was what I wanted to do - what I could do best with my skills - to become a coach for contractors.

And since then, I’ve coached hundreds of contractors in every kind of trade.




Admit you don’t know it all. Be willing & able to ask for help.



Have the belief that with the proper support & guidance, you can be a successful businessman.


Open Attitude

Be open to change & suggestions. Demand change of yourself & your environment. 



Trust in the process & fall in love with the change that’s happening.

Are you ready to turn your success as a tradesman into a profitable business?

There’s something about being a business owner...

Being able to do things the way you want.

That freedom, that control...

But getting to that point... Well, that's the hard part.