From Tradesman to Businessman

It's Time You Get Out Of Your Workboots

With more control, you gain more confidence. With more confidence, you attract better clients. With better clients, you make more money. With more money, you win back your time. With more time, you have more control over your life.

You started your business so you'd have more control over your work & more free time at home.

But now you’re stressed to the max, you never see your family, you’re juggling too many clients, and you’re pricing projects too low.

And yet, even amongst all this chaos…

You know that the day you made the decision to switch from tradesman to businessman... There’s no going back to being an employee. There’s only finding a better way to be a boss.

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Correctly & Profitably Pricing Your Projects

When a client asks you, "Is this the best you can do?"...

Say YES with confidence.

To start your contracting business, the Government gave you a tax number and off you went. The rest has been up to you to figure out.

But owning a business is more than just “doing the work”. And no one tells you that.

You're just left to figure it out.

You know you’re a really good tradesman. You know the ins and outs of each and every job you do.

But what you’re not really good at is business. You don’t know your numbers. You're pretty sure you're pricing projects too low. You take on clients you can’t stand. You’re not sure how many employees you need. And you don’t see your family nearly as much as you’d like.

“What time will you be home tonight?”

This question makes your skin crawl, because the truth is… You never know.

I grew up watching my dad be a plumber and running a plumbing business. My whole family was blue-collar. I never had a 9-5 in an office.

When I moved from plumber to business owner, I faked it as best I could.

It’s you and a pickup truck, and maybe one helper. And now you want to branch out and actually own your own business. Or maybe you’ve made the leap and are already doing it. Either way, you’re scared shitless about how to succeed and not sure how to do better.

Have you said this to yourself recently: “I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing.”

Whether you have a team or it’s just you, you know you need help.

There’s an easier way. And it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to get there.

You're a Killer Contractor and a Shitty Businessman.

Let me help you change that.


The reason I do what I do...

Rick Harris is a great asset to any business. His coaching style suits the needs of tradespeople and helps them take a deep dive into their business and really focus on what it will take to become profitable.

As a Certified Consultant with the John Maxwell Team, Rick can help you implement DISC training with your team so that you can better understand how your team needs to operate to get the most out of them.

If you are a business owner, get in touch with Rick and get him to help you better understand what each one of your team members needs in order to become the best version of themselves.

Shawn Terpstra, DHT Electrical Inc.
Mike Lively, Pinnacle Painting

I was almost to the point of bankruptcy. I was even given this advice by a coach I had paid thousands of dollars to help me.

Rick looked at me when I told him this, and he said “I don’t want you to declare bankruptcy. Is your business not symbolic to you?” I started to cry. And then Rick almost started to cry too.

My business was symbolic. And I didn’t want to give up. Rick encouraged me to keep going, and to stay in touch with him. So I did. And I'm proud to say I'm still operating my business, and successfully.

Steve Peterson, HVAC company

Are you ready to go from

After a number of years working as a plumber for my dad, I decided it was time to figure out what my own journey was supposed to be.

Eventually, I left to start my own plumbing company.

But I left as a plumber, with my eyes completely closed to what it would take to become a businessman.

I left thinking, “How hard could it be to run a business?”

I was completely blind-sighted by what it actually took to run a successful, profitable business.

I spent the next 10 years and thousands of dollars figuring it out.